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Civil Rights Movements 1950s-70s: Home


These resources provide reliable sources and ready-made citations.

Click on Online Resources on the left. Scroll below the picture and there are lots of options here. Start with these:

Under General Research

Issues & Controversies, Explora Multi-Search (be sure to select full text)

Under History & Genealogy

History Reference Center


The following websites rely on valid sources. They will not automatically create citations.

Destiny Websites


  1. Select SM South on the right side
  2. Log In:      upper right corner in blue bar       
  3.  use student number and password
  4. Go to catalog
  5. Type your search terms in the Find area - put in quotes. Ex: "women's rights"
  6. Click on Subject
  7. Select Websites or One Search tab
  8. If you select One Search, wait a bit and then click on Get Results at the bottom 

Citing Sources


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