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The Crucible/Mass Hysteria: Home

State Library of Kansas

Select:  On Line Resources

Select:  History Reference Center

  1. Type in:   "Mass Hysteria"  Be sure full text is checked
  2. Don't like the results? Try a wider search - hysteria
  3. Cite icon:    right side of page, scroll to MLA

Select: Explora-Multi Search

  1. Ditto above directions.


Username: shawnee1     Password: resource

  1. Put search term in Search box. "mass hysteria" or mass hysteria 
  2. Select the appropriate database. For this assignment could be World History: Modern Era, American History, American Government, Issues






Destiny Websites

Go to

  1. Select SM South on the right side
  2. Log In:      upper right corner in blue bar         use student number and password
  3. Go to catalog
  4. Type in Find area:  "mass hysteria"
  5. Click on Subject
  6. Select Websites or One Search tab
  7. If you select One Search, wait a bit and then click on Get Results at the bottom 



Easy Bib

Essay Tools:     upper left corner

  1. Click on: I only want to create citations (white box with orange border in middle)
  2. Use MLA 8
  3. Select Source Type and follow directions



OK, so if you resort to Google to find your mass hysteria topic, that's OK, but use the databases to search for the info.

If you do use Google to search, go to advanced search and type in .edu or .org in the Site or Domain field.


Subject Guide

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