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2019.20 U.S. Arms Sales

State Library of Kansas

Select:  Online Resources

Under General Research

Select:  Explora Multi-Search

  1. Type in search term. You can jump right to advance search if you want.
  2. Select items on left sidebar to refine your search

Under Stats & Government

Select: Military & Government Collection  

  1. Ditto above directions.

Try out U.S. Political Stats   - Provides maps, charts, graphs - you can compare 


Username: shawnee1       

Password: resource


Scroll down below initial lists. 

Select:  Issues

Go to Crime & Justice then to Gun Control

Or you can also type in your search terms

Select: American Government

Go to topic of your choice or type in search terms



Destiny Websites

Go to

Select SM South on the right side

Log In:      upper right corner in blue bar

                 use student number and password

Go to catalog. 

In FIND, type in search term(s) and click on SUBJECT

On tabs on right select Web Sites or One Search

Citations for many of these need to be done with EasyBib.



Easy Bib

Go to "I Only Want to Create Citations."

Subject Guide

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Julie Fales



username: SMSouthhs

password: raiders

Databases to try:

  1.  Issues & Controversies
  2. World News Digest
  3. Polling the Nations (trial until 11.19)

Outside Resources