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ABC-CLIO: A South Library Subscription with Geography, History and Issues databases: ABC-CLIO Databases

NEW ABC-CLIO databases

More ABC-CLIO Links (Password Required)

See These LibGuides for more databases

The databases at give you access to great Gale databases.

ABC-CLIO Databases with Many NEW categories.


Each ABC-CLIO database includes articles, images, videos, analysis, maps, primary sources, and more! See Mrs. Fales for the NEW password.

How to Get Started

  • ABC-CLIO requires the school's password (see Mrs. Fales)

  • Click on icons under "ABC-CLIO" Links on this page or the tabs above to use specific ABC-CLIO databases

  • Click here to search all the ABC-CLIO databases provided by the South Library

For additional social studies databases, use the State Databases at