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Information form KCPT K-12 Technology Conference February 15, 2012


Free educational account (allows unlimited number of slideshows that are not restricted in length; can sign up students to do the same)

Make a video without a video camera.  Choose the photos, videos and text, add music and wait a few minutes while your video is finalized.  This is a great "we're so past powerpoint" way to have students present their work.


I Need to Remeber This

Ever attend a conference and think "that would be great when we are studying  lets you send email to be delivered in the future!


I Don't Have Time

Check out this great source of free resources and lesson plans using technology!

Richard Byrne is amazing!

The George Lucas Foundation source for "What Works in Education"

Want more...

Heather Braum, Librarian

Northeast Kansas Library System (NEKLS)

Social Media in Education


Use Twitter to connect with educations in your subject area. 

What is a hashtag?  Search any hashtag for tweet groups

What is edchat? The internet catalog for students, teachers, administrators and parents.  Over 20,000 relevant links personally selected by an educator/author with over 30 years of experience.

To help with the 140 character limit, use a url shortner Google or

Google Reader is a tool for gathering, reading, and sharing all of the interesting blogs and websites you read on the web. 

Connecting From a Distance

Connect & Collaborate: video Chat in the Classroom

Check out the presentation for all the details: what sources, what equipment...

Connect online with educatiors, classrooms, experts...using a camera!

Skype in the Classroom

30 in 50

30 resourceful websites for teachers in 50 Minutes


 Watch the presentation and check out the great sources from Eric Langhosrt, an 8th grade teacher in liberty, Missouri

Subject Guide